Youthful preparedness

Steven Muller and Jonas Pridgeon review a lesson during training on emergency response. (courtesy photo)

By Sarah Pridgeon

Crook County Emergency Management last week conducted emergency response coordination training for two youth groups.

One of the groups, comprised of volunteers aged 12-16 and is called the “EOC Responders,” learns technology applications and emergency coordination procedures used during operations. They also learn how an Emergency Operating Center works and how to perform critical duties within it when in operation.

The volunteers conduct monthly training to learn these skills, with each member attending training in radio operation, computer procedures, office machine operation and basic supply procedures, such as issue and receipt of property, inventory of assets and vehicle tracking. Each volunteer is expected to train for up to ten hours per month in order to hone their skills and be ready to apply them, whether during an exercise or a real emergency.

If an emergency occurs, the volunteers use these skills to support the Incident Commanders in the field, assisting them in accomplishing their mission to protect personnel and property during a natural or man-made disaster. To find out more about the program or to volunteer, contact Jim Pridgeon at Emergency Management Services.