Wood to lead Wyoming Association of County Officers

By Sarah Pridgeon
Tina Wood, Clerk of District Court, has taken on the additional responsibility of becoming the President of the Wyoming Association of County Officers (WACO) for the next year. The organization is headed by a representative from each facet of county leadership – clerk, treasurer, coroner and so on – and tackles issues that affect multiple areas of county government.
Wood has served on the association’s board for seven years, starting out, as all new members do, as the 7th Vice President. Board members climb the ranks annually until reaching the presidency, she says.
“We are nominated from our associations and then voted on by the entire Wyoming Association of County Officers to be that vice president,” she explains of her initial appointment.
“Rising through the chairs gives you an understanding of what happens with the WACO board, what your responsibilities are and it gives you time to think about when you are the president.”
Wood’s term will continue until next September, 2019, during which time the board will be based in Casper for its annual convention and monthly meetings.
“I look forward to leading the association and am very humbled by the appointment,” she says, noting with a smile that she will be able to rely on previous WACO President Joe Baron for advice.
WACO is an organization that encompasses all of Wyoming’s elected officials from all 23 counties, Wood says.
“We meet as individual associations, but we also meet as a whole and have bylaws, committee reports and a budget,” she says. “We have meetings to discuss important issues to the county.”
For example, she continues, the board has recently passed three resolutions: supporting a filing fee increase for the Wyoming Clerks of District Court’s Association; supporting the replacement of aging election equipment for the Wyoming County Clerk’s Association; and supporting a move to bring search and rescue volunteers onto the same state retirement program as firefighters for the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Association.
“We hope that speaks to legislators that, as a whole, all of the elected officials support each one of our endeavors,” Wood says.
“We’re all here for county government and we need to make sure that it runs as effectively as possible. Working together hopefully accomplishes that.”