Wolves to be delisted

On Friday, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced its intention to publish a final rule removing gray wolves from the federal list of threatened and endangered species in Wyoming. Wolves will be officially delisted and placed under state management in Wyoming on October 1, 2012. The earliest date wolves could be taken by hunters in Wyoming in the Wolf Trophy Game Management Area (WTGMA) is October 1. Wolves may be taken where designated as Predatory Animals on October 1, the date on which delisting becomes effective. Hunters should check the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website (wgfd.wyo.gov) or contact their local WGFD office for the latest information regarding wolf delisting and hunting seasons.
“Due to the fact gray wolf management status is at the cusp of significant change in Wyoming, we are encouraging hunters and others who are interested to keep a close eye on the WGFD website to keep informed of the latest wolf information,” said WGFD Wildlife Chief Brian Nesvik.
The delisting action is the result of an agreement reached between Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Following that agreement, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission made changes to its wolf management plan, and the 2012 Wyoming Legislature made changes to state statues to allow delisting to move forward. The delisting process included thorough review by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and was peer reviewed on two separate occasions by independent wolf scientists.