William L. Winslow – April 8, 1947 – November 23, 2011

He never made a fortune or a noise in the world where men seek after fame. He did meet and go fishing with Richard Dreyfuss when he was Crook County Sheriff in 1976. He had a healthy brood of 3 girls and 4 boys and 20 grandchildren. Even though he was unable to give us neither eminence nor wealth, he gave us love. With our love I know he felt quite blessed for all his life. Grieve if you will but he would say there is no need for tears. There is no pain, he suffers not, the fear now is gone. Now put those things out of your thoughts, for in our memories he lives on.

Miss you Dad.

Send condolences to: Rita Winslow, P.O. Box 20246, Juneau, AK 99802.