Welcome CHRISTmas!!!

Welcome to our Savior! The students of St. Paul’s Catholic Church’s religious education program presented a lovely Christmas Pageant depicting the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ as a babe in Bethlehem according to the Gospel of Luke.

The characters with speaking parts represented were, St. Luke, played by Angel Villegas, presenting his gospel; the narrator, Josiah Rudloff (not in the picture); the Archangel Gabriel, played by Ella Bifulco; Zachariah, played by Tony Villegas; his wife Elizabeth, played by Tori Wheeler; and the speaking part of Mary played by Brit Wheeler.

The characters that made up the living Nativity scene were: Mary, Shannon Gilmartin; Joseph, Lyman Halverson; angels, Maria Villegas, Hadlee Krell, Natalie Halverson, Mia Miller, Molly Miller; the shepherds, Levi Rudloff, Luke Halverson, Jake Krell, Liam Bifulco. Kate Sell (not in the picture) was the coordinator of the living Nativity scene cast members throughout the presentation of the story.

The Catechetical teachers were instrumental in the costumes and coordination as well. The children gave a lovely witness to the reason for the season, the most wonderful gift of all, Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Jessie Halverson and Carol Jordan