Vista West home lost to fire

A home in the Vista West subdivision has been lost after a fire consumed it in the early hours of Monday morning. The Sundance Fire Department responded to the call just after midnight and was able to save some of the contents of the home, though not the structure itself.

At present, the cause of the fire is unknown.

“The state investigator is calling it ‘accidental undetermined’,” says Fire Chief Chris Tomford. “He knows where it started, but we have no idea what started it.”

The battle against the blaze began almost instantly thanks to the convenient location of one of the department’s volunteers.

“The homeowner and a neighbor, who happened to be one of our volunteers, heard kind of a pop. The homeowner woke up and saw flames on the porch,” says Tomford.

“Our firefighter lives right across the street from them and he went over and, with the owner’s son, started to do what they could with garden hoses.”

Two of the department’s engines arrived soon after.

“When our crews got there, they had flames on the porch and up into the eaves and that was all that was visible. They got all that initially, but the fire had gone through to the ceiling void and straight through to the other end of the house,” says Tomford.

“Our guys were there really quick and got a good stop on it. Kenny Weaver and Bob Latham were the first two with the engines there and a bunch of our new guys and they got it knocked really quick.”

No injuries were reported from the incident, with all members of the household able to leave the building safely. The home belonged to Tanya Brekke and son Braylon.

“Everyone got out safe and the animals got out safe,” says the fire chief. “We had probably been there three hours when one of our firefighters found a kitten in there. We got the kitten out safe and it’s doing fine.”

The trailer home was too damaged by the fire to be salvageable, but the family may be able to retrieve some of their belongings from inside.

“As far as the interior of the house goes, there was no fire involvement, just smoke and water damage. The fire was contained pretty much to the front porch and the ceiling void,” says the fire chief.

“In the thirty-plus years I’ve been doing this, I could probably count on one hand the number of trailer house fires I’ve been through where we actually saved something. This is one of them. I’m really proud of them, they did a great job.”

A GoFundMe to assist the family with the cost of replacing their personal items has been set up at