Upton man nabbed in Moorcroft ATM burglary

An Upton man was arrested last week for attempting to break into the ATM machine at Moorcroft’s Pinnacle Bank. Benjamin Ford Gardenhire, 28, fled from police officers but was later found hiding in the front seat of a parked vehicle.

Moorcroft Police Department was called to the scene when the bank’s alarm went off at 1:15 a.m. on February 7. Gardenhire fled from Officer Bill Peters on foot and was lost in the crowded parking area of the Coffee Cup Fuel Stop.

Back-up officers and further help from the Crook County Sheriff’s Office was requested to conduct a search of the trucks in the north parking area. While waiting for deputies to arrive, Police Chief Ed Robinson discovered a man lying in the front seat of a vehicle and soon determined him to be the man observed by Officer Peters at the ATM.

Gardenhire was placed under arrest and transported to Crook County jail. He was arraigned in Circuit Court the following day and charged with burglary, attempted larceny, destruction of property and possession of burglary tools.