Tucker receives 5-7 years

On Wednesday, Sixth District Court Judge Michael N. Deegan sentenced former Hulett resident Brice Tucker to a five to seven year prison term on a felony count of sexual assault in the third degree.
The charge stems from an alleged incident in which Tucker was accused of making a sexual advance toward a victim on a school bus he was driving.
Earlier this year, Tucker pled guilty to the charge as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors in which the state recommended a suspended prison sentence and probation on the charge. The court however was not bound by the agreement and the prison term was ultimately not suspended.
Tucker also received a sentence of six months of incarceration each on two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery which stemmed from separate incidents while Tucker was a town police officer. Those sentences are slated to run concurrently.
In addition to incarceration, Tucker was also assessed $2,345.00 in fines and fees.