Tucker denied early release

By Sarah Pridgeon

Ex-Hulett police officer Brice R. Tucker has been denied early release on his jail sentence for two counts of sexual battery involving contact with a child and one of sexual assault in the third degree.
Tucker’s attorneys requested a sentence reduction on the grounds that Brice has applied himself to his rehabilitation during his year at Honor Farm, Riverton, and has gained substantial introspection during that time. In Tucker’s letter to the judge, he claimed that his incarceration has helped him understand the consequences of his actions and identify his triggers and has inspired him to concentrate on his family and duties as a father.
The County Attorney’s Office responded to the motion by strongly recommending that Tucker serve out his 5-7 year sentence.
“These crimes were perpetuated upon young girls whom the defendant met while he was a police officer for the Town of Hulett, Wyoming and acting as the DARE officer at the Hulett School and in one instance occurred on school property,” wrote Brian Wells, Deputy County Attorney, in the response.
Wells argued that Tucker pled guilty to the offenses and will not be eligible for parole until October 2015. He was ordered to obtain a psycho-sexual evaluation from a qualified treatment provider while incarcerated and to subscribe to any treatment recommendations, but the evaluation will not be scheduled by the Department of Corrections until Tucker is within a year of his parole eligibility date.
Victim impact statements were included to support a denial of the plea that described him as a predator who robbed his victims of their trust in authority figures and left mental scars that have yet to heal.
“Any reduction in sentence would seriously depreciate the seriousness of the criminal conduct and would promote ridicule of the law,” concluded the response.
Judge Michael Deegan ruled against the appeal on Thursday, May 15, finding “no good reason to reduce or modify the sentence imposed.”