Times Editorial: Outstanding Citizen of the Year, Todd Kahler

Each year the Chamber of Commerce has a formidable task in choosing one individual from a group of worthy folks to be recognized as “Outstanding Citizen of the Year”.
This year was certainly no exception; there were a number of people who are clearly deserving of the honor. Recognizing that, we feel the community made a wonderful choice in selecting Sundance High School music teacher Todd Kahler as this year’s “Outstanding Citizen” and salute them for their choice.
Todd is well-known as the “go-to-guy” for the community whenever a musical performance is necessary – giving freely of his time and talent. And – while his job is to teach it is obvious that he takes that responsibility well beyond what is expected. His dedication to the students that pass through his classroom can be measured not only by the sheer number of students who choose to be part of the music program, but also by the impressive group and individual accomplishments they consistently garner during and after their high school careers.
The success our school and children have enjoyed under his tutelage can certainly be measured with plaques and trophies but, more importantly, is witnessed by the sweet sounds of the many voices who openly sing his praises.
We are truly a blessed community to have a number of dedicated folks who go the extra mile for our children and our fellow citizens and we are proud to see them recognized.