Times Editorial – July 12

Over recent weeks, members of the public have asked us with increasing frequency to report on certain aspects of our community – in particular, situations within the school and hospital districts. Concern has been expressed that corruption and wrongdoing exists and there has been a cumulative wish for this newspaper, on behalf of and for the community, to investigate whether that’s really the case.
We have done our best to answer the call by attending and reporting on as many meetings and events as has been reasonably possible. We have endeavored to present exactly what has happened, exactly as it happened, without passing judgment on either accusers or accused.
We strongly believe that our role is to remain objective and to report, in as much accurate detail as we can, what is going on. It is not for us to judge or blame; our function is to tell you, our readers, what has been said and done, so that you can draw your own conclusions and ask your own questions. Our role is to inform, not to decide what counts as truth. We represent all our readers, on both sides of every issue, and believe that every voice deserves to be heard.
When accusations are made in a public forum, we are obliged to report them, but not to extrapolate from them. It’s our job, and our role in the community, to make sure the facts, and only the facts, are recorded, without adding our own opinions.
Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause offense. To keep the public informed, it becomes necessary for us to pass on information in the form of other people’s words and actions that some may prefer doesn’t make it to the page – and we must do so without comment. Passing on these things may, regretfully, in itself seem to imply a judgment of sorts, but the opposite is actually true: to remain balanced, we need to include all the available information.
Ultimately, we aim only to make visible what many perceive as hidden, and to encourage discussion and participation throughout the community. We welcome your input and look forward to your responses in the letters to the editor, because it keeps the conversation going, and our whole community informed, in a way that would not otherwise be possible. Every voice is equally important, and all opinions valid. Please, keep it coming – and so will we.