The final hurdle

Thanks to a little nudge from the City of Sundance, the football field and athletic complex will open soon with all the accoutrements that the school district hoped for. The city stepped in to help secure a $50,000 grant from the Daniels Fund charitable foundation that will provide the funding needed to complete the project.

“We’re working with the school because they needed to finish up the project up at the football field with the bleachers and high jump equipment and so on,” says Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz.

“The Daniels Fund doesn’t work with schools. They wanted to run it through the city and that was fine, the council was fine with that, so Jim O’Connor and I put it together and sent it off to them.”

The Daniels Fund was established by Bill Daniels, a cable television pioneer. The organization dedicates itself to making life better for the people of Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah through grant programs, scholarships and an ethics initiative.

“The Daniels Fund love to come in and help finish a project. They helped us with the daycare after we got everything done and we came to that last part where we needed the furniture,” says Lenz.

“They came in with $220,000 to help us finish that.”

The Daniels Fund particularly likes to help projects that will benefit kids, Lenz says. Along with the application, she sent pictures of Field Day, when the brand new athletic complex was covered with families and kids playing, and sent information explaining the kind of activities the new field will facilitate.

“Bill Daniels is big into youth sports and keeping kids busy so they don’t get into trouble,” she smiles.

“They also love when it’s a big community project, so when I showed them the list of donors who gave for the lights and other things, it was a done deal.”