Sundance zoning never approved

By Sarah Pridgeon

During the September meeting of the Sundance City Council, it came to light that the zoning map of the City of Sundance has never been approved, and is therefore not officially in use. As it is believed that this was an omission, Mayor Paul Brooks proposed to adopt the zoning map by emergency ordinance at the next regular council meeting.

The issue was discovered during approval of the proposed Southside Meadows Subdivision, under development by Council Member Sheryl Klocker. The final form of the plat for Lots 1-24, which will be located east of Interstate 90, was presented to the council during the meeting, but could not be approved because it had become apparent that zoning is not officially in place.

It had transpired, after extensive research by City Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lenz, that the zoning map currently in use is a preliminary map that was never approved during a council session. This was determined by researching the minutes of previous council meetings, among which the required approval has never appeared.

The new zoning map, according to the council, had been agreed on before Mayor Brooks’ term began. However, certain steps were not performed: an ordinance, two weeks’ advertising and approval from both the council and County Commission, outlined in the 1994 zoning document and required to make the new zoning document official.

According to Brooks, and confirmed by Klocker, the council has been acting during negotiations for the subdivision as though Sundance is officially zoned according to the new map. Though the council has “egg on our face,” says Brooks, it was decided that the situation is an omission and that the zoning should therefore be adopted by emergency ordinance before moving forward with approvals for new construction.

The council approved a motion to move for an emergency ordinance for next month’s regular meeting. Lenz was also directed to be prepared at this meeting to implement additions to the zoning map from the Southside Meadows Subdivision.

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