Sundance welcomes new postmistress

(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Pam Gross assumed her duties at the post office in Sundance recently.



By Sarah Pridgeon

Pam Gross jumped at the chance to take on the role of Sundance Postmaster. Already in love with the area thanks to hunting trips she has enjoyed nearby, heading the ranks at the Sundance Post Office also brings her closer to friends and family.

“I’ve been up here whitetail hunting and I fell in love with the area. My daughter got married and lives on the South Dakota side of the Black Hills,” she says.

“When this came open, my kids said, ‘Mom, you need to do this’. I said yes, I know, I’ve already done it!”

Gross has already received a warm welcome from the community. “It’s been nothing but kindness since I got here,” she smiles.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have this job. I love it here and my employees here are just fabulous – that’s half the battle. I love the town,” she continues.

“I have family here and some friends here and the biggest reason I came to Sundance is that I just love it up here. I love to hunt, I love to fish, my daughter and my grandkids live much closer to me here than they did where I came from.”

A long-time postmaster, Gross has lived in Wyoming since 1993.

“I was a postmaster in Burns, Wyoming since 1993 – that was my first Wyoming job. I was a postmaster in Colorado for five years before that, so I’ve been a postmaster since 1998,” she explains.

“I wanted the last great place to by my last great place. I plan to stay here until the end of my career.”

Gross has made a few small changes to the office since she arrived, but nothing that the community would notice, she says – aside from a change in location for the blue collection box next to the building. This was in response to feedback from customers, who can now reach it more easily through a rolled-down window.

“My focus is on the community and the employees. If everybody is happy, I’m happy,” she nods.

“That’s how I was down in Burns, it was all about how could we serve the community and, with my employees, how can we make this a fun place for you to come to work and a happy environment. So far, I think things are going great.”

Gross’s first overwhelming impression of the Sundance Post Office has been its employees, she says, of whom she cannot speak highly enough.

“All of the employees here are fantastic and it already feels like a family. These guys are what makes this post office a great place and I’m just here to help them do the best they can,” she says.

Stuck back in the office during the transition, Gross is looking forward to spending more time at the counter to meet her customers in person. After a week’s mandatory training in Denver, she plans to spend at least an hour each day at the window meeting and greeting and welcomes everyone who’d like to say hello to put their heads around the door.

“I want to be there to meet them, get to know them and find out how we can serve them,” she smiles.