Sundance Kids Children’s Center ready to open

By Sarah Pridgeon

The Sundance Kids Daycare Center has begun the process of moving to its newly completed location on Fifth Street, for which an occupancy test was performed this week by the Fire Marshal and the final punch list completed. It will from now on be known as the Sundance Kids Childrens’ Center and will have enough room to eventually welcome almost double the number of children and two more members of staff, says Trudy Durfee, chairman of the daycare board.

The new premises have significantly more space, which will allow the smaller children to play separately from the older ones. The baby room will also be twice the size of the old one and will feature upgraded cribs that can be wheeled out of the building in an emergency.

The new location is also conveniently centralized, says Durfee, with better access to places that are often visited with the children, such as the library and the park.

As there will no longer be someone present by the front door while the center is open, a new system will be implemented to keep the doors locked at all times. Visitors will not be able to enter and exit at their own convenience, in order to maximize child safety, says Durfee.

A fence will be built around the back yard, providing a secure play area for the children. Any money remaining from the original budget, once this has been done, will be spent on new toys and equipment for the center, Durfee added.

In the new year, once the children have been given time to settle in, the center will begin advertising for two more members of staff, which will allow them to accommodate between 15 and 20 more kids. Applicants will not be required to have specific qualifications and will be given training and the necessary vaccinations.

The center will not be changing its hours of operation after the move, and there will be no increase in price. An open house will be held in the new year, to which everyone will be welcome.