State Trails Program gears up for snow season

With December 1 marking the unofficial start of the snowmobile season, State Trails Program staff will soon begin marking and signing trails statewide, and expect to begin grooming many of the state’s trails during the week of Dec. 12. Depending on snow amounts, trail grooming in the Bearlodge north of Sundance will begin on or after Dec. 15 at which time effected roads are closed to wheeled traffic.
Wyoming boasts some of the best snowmobile trails in the nation and early snows have already provided enough of the white stuff to provide adequate riding in several areas of the state.
Users are reminded that permits are currently available at many snowmobile dealers and other vendors statewide. The money collected through these permits, as required by law, is critical to the funding of the services provided by the State Trails Program.
Snow machine enthusiasts in Wyoming will continue to see the same services in terms of grooming, marking and signage in most areas of the state. However, due to a 19 percent reduction in revenue, there may be some areas where grooming, marking, signing and plowing could see a reduction in services, including the number of trail miles and/or frequency of trails groomed, as well as the frequency of parking lots plowed.
This decrease in revenues is the result of lower permit sales, as well as increased fuel costs resulting in a substantial financial burden on the division to groom the trails. The reduction in revenue is in comparison to peak years. However, the cost of doing business has increased at the same time that revenue has not.
In partnership with National Forests throughout the state, the Wyoming Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails will continue to provide the snowmobiling public the best experience possible with available funds and strategic allocations of Recreational Trails Program funding.
“We will continue to provide the maximum amount of nationally acclaimed groomed trails that our revenue can sustain,” State Parks Administrator Domenic Bravo said. “We look forward to another great snow year in the beautiful state of Wyoming, and we look forward to seeing the public out on the trails.”
Persons looking for Wyoming snow trail and permit information are asked to visit