State seeks owners of unclaimed funds

Unclaimed funds are available to the rightful owners and Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon wants to return it. “Wyoming Windfall” is the catch name for the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer’s Office. Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to, wages, uncashed money orders, oil and gas royalties, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Funds that have been held by a company or by another state for a specified number of years and have not or cannot be paid to the owner are then placed in protective custody by the State Treasurer. The Unclaimed Property Division safeguards and makes a diligent effort to return the funds to the rightful owner, at no cost to the owner.
The State Treasurer’s Wyoming Windfall begins Sunday, February 3, 2013. Phone banks will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, February 4-8; after February 8, phone banks will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Hundreds of telephone calls are received and claims are mailed to potential owners/heirs during a two week period. Please be patient, though. With thousands of names being advertised, you may get a busy signal. For persons who wish to avoid possible telephone delays, you may write to the Unclaimed Property Division at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 502, Cheyenne, WY 82002. In spite of the high volume of expected calls and questions, we will try to respond to your request within 8-10 weeks.
Treasurer Gordon stressed that Unclaimed Property is not a scam, nor is it the result of winning a contest. This money belongs to the owners or rightful heirs. Gordon said the average claim is less than $100; however, some owners have claimed $100,000 or more.
The website address to search for unclaimed property is: The website is now available and phone banks opened February 4.
Crook County residents appearing on the list for last year are:
Achtziger A Ron
Alstyne Catherine V
Amiotte Richard J
Backen Heather
Ballons And More
Baron Llord Dorothy
Beam Carol M
Benavides Danny
Bendickson Betty
Blakeman Cleo A
Bledins Chad
Campbell Jeff
Carlson Connie S
Coronato Robert M
Crabtree Brandon
Crook County Veterinary Clinic
D & L Development
Denzin Nathan
Elm Bernice A
Fallon Eric
Family Album
Gates Casey
Gill Genevieve K
Griffith Stacy
Hale Kathleen
Holloway Martha
Houdshell Evertt
Hovde Brett Gary
Johnson Bruce
Jones Kay Rene
Kinnick Shanna
Kobielusz Leta
Krcelic David C
Land Julie R
Long R L
Lynn William
Masters Tyler W
Mauch Dennis
Mayzsak James R
McGlothlin Steve
McGuire Malinda E
Metzler Mary
Middleton Corey
Miller Kenneth C
Mills Dale
Mills Edith
Mitchell Royal C III
Moran Donald E
Neves Ashley
Nuzum Colt T
Oudin Henry
Pavola Martha J
Pfeil Ronnie
Powell Crystal
Pownall Katie A
Preiss Anthony
Prentiss Gordon Hall Trust
Reed Heidi
Reed Shawn
Reedy Anna
Remodel Shop Steve Shurtz
Robinson Clay
Savoni Patrick R
Schelldorf Elizabeth
Schelling Lynn M
Schelling Ryan K
Sell Clint
Simpson Malcolm H
Sundance Port of Entry Fuel
T7 Ranch
Voyles Ched
Waliezer Kevin
Waliezer Kyle
Walker Tiffany A
Waltman Monica
Water Well Drilling Service Inc
Williams Terry
Wornkey Amber
Yett William E
Names from previous years are not included in this list. Even if you don’t see your name in this list or on the website, you should contact the Unclaimed Property Office at 307-777-5590 or at the address noted above to determine if we are holding unclaimed property for you.