Stagemeyer named District Fireman of the Year

Sundance’s Wade Stagemeyer was named by the Roy Montgomery American Legion Post as Fireman of the Year at the Legion Dinner in Hulett on Saturday. The award was presented by Tina Fish, who also nominated him for the honor.

Stagemeyer is a member of the Tatonka Hotshot crew, a hand crew for all phases of fire management and incident operations. Called “Hotshots” after the original members from southern California in the 1940s who worked the hottest part of wildfires, Interagency Hotshot Crews are the most highly trained, mobile skilled and experienced hand crews.

“Mr. Stagemeyer’s primary job as a Tatonka Hotshot is wielding a chainsaw. Many of you have operated a chainsaw, but have you done it for a minimum of 16 hours a day?” said Fish in her nomination.

“While interviewing Wade, I learned not only he did it for 16 hours a day between May 15, 2017 and September 30, 2017, but he accrued an additional 1000 hours of overtime.”

His titles include senior firefighter, saw boss and lead sawyer and has begun the process of qualifying as an incident commander. As a Hotshot, he works on a 2:1 ratio, with 16-hour days and eight hours of downtime, and are only deployed for what the Forest Service refers to as Extended Attack Fires, which last for more than one 24-hour period.

“During the 2017 rating period, Wade Stagemeyer deployed, with a crew, to 19 different where those wells go,” he said.

Reviewing other ongoing city projects, the council heard from Lenz that the contractors on Old Stoney have asked for an extension of 30 days with no additional money requested. The delay is associated with the installation of an elevator, Lenz said.

The contractors are being extremely careful while trenching because they are excavating below the depth of the foundations, said Brooks, and keeping the building stable below the base elevation of the footers can be dicey. Lenz said they are taking it slowly, but are not able to finish other parts of the project, such as air conditioning and plumbing, until the elevator is in; the contractors are expecting a completion date of April 1.

The replacement water tank in the canyon area is moving along, said Trihydro’s Karla Greaser. Survey data has been received and is being reviewed and will be used to double check the hydraulic water model for such things as elevations and locations of pumps and valves.

Lenz added that she is waiting for two letters regarding an environmental review and will then be able to advertise the project.

Greaser also reported that she and Public Works Director Mac Erickson inspected the new walking path and everything looks good. In fact, she said, there are no items on the punch list and everything is pretty well wrapped up.

The project is ready to be closed out, she said. The council approved a change order for a $9586 increase and a time extension of 12 days for weather and additional time to complete.

Funding agency WYDOT will only cover the portion of this change order to address the wet soils that were encountered on a portion of the path in front of the restroom facility. The second aspect – removing and replacing an additional portion of sidewalk to tie into existing path – will be covered by 2014 consensus money, said Lenz.

In departmental reports, Police Chief Marty Noonan reported a slow month with 23 calls. The deer harvest began on October 1, he continued, and 25 were harvested and given away.

(Courtesy photo) Wade Stagemeyer
(Courtesy photo) Wade Stagemeyer

Erickson reported he has been working on fixing alleys throughout town, an ongoing project, and the paving project is now complete. His department will wait for spring to stripe the roads.

Hughes reported he has been working on a release of easement for the ones to be abandoned on the fairgrounds in exchange for a new easement for the Cole Water Main Transmission line. Abandoning those old easements is a fulfillment of a promise, he said; the council approved the mayor’s signature on the document once it has been shown to County Attorney Joe Baron for approval.