Special Olympians perform well at Gillette

Crook County Special Olympics competed in the Area Games, held in Gillette, on April 18-19. The State Games will be held in Laramie on May 16-18. Here are the results of the Gillette Area competition:
Basketball –
3 on 3 BB: Silver – Chris Jensen, Phillip Cunningham, Tyler Mahoney, TJ Price, Raven Tagart
Individual BB Skills: J. Boswell – Silver, D. Lucas – Gold, B. Ulmer – Gold, S. Ward – Silver
Swimming –
10M Assisted: Jimmy Allison – Gold
15M Assisted: Jimmy Allison – Gold
15M Walk: Jimmy Allison – Gold
25M Freestyle: Breanna Ulmer – Gold, Tyler Mahoney – Gold, Raven Tagart – Silver, Dez Lucas – 5th
50M Freestyle: Raven Tagart – Gold, Dez Lucas – Silver, Tyler Mahoney – 4th, James Boswell – 5th
25M Backstroke: Raven Tagart – Silver, Breanna Ulmer – 3rd, Tyler Mahoney – 4th, Dez Lucas – 5th
Track and Field –
50M Dash: Phillip Cunningham – Silver, TJ Price – Gold, Spencer Ward – Gold, Chris Jensen – Silver
100M Dash: Phillip Cunningham – Gold, Chris Jensen – Gold, TJ Price – Bronze, Spencer Ward – Bronze
Running Long Jump: Phillip Cunningham – Gold, TJ Price – 4th, Spencer Ward – Silver
Shotput: Chris Jensen – Silver
Softball Throw: Spencer Ward – Gold, Phillip Cunningham – Silver, TJ Price – Silver