Smith pleads not guilty

By Sarah Pridgeon

Marty Smith, the second suspect involved in the homicide of local man Doug Haar at the beginning of August, appeared in District Court on Thursday to plead not guilty to various accessory charges associated with the crime.
Smith has been charged with accessory before the fact of murder in the second degree and felony counts of accessory before the fact of voluntary manslaughter, accessory before the fact of involuntary manslaughter and accessory before the fact of aggravated assault and battery.
Appearing before Judge John Perry, Smith pled not guilty to all counts after hearing the charges listed, an explanation of the financial charges she will face if convicted on any charge and the requirement, if found guilty, that her DNA will be registered.
A pre-trial conference will be scheduled for Smith, the next step before the court begins the process of a jury trial. Linda Smith, prosecuting and Deputy County Attorney, requested that bond continue as set, $100,000 cash or surety.
Smith’s case is being reassigned to Judge Thomas Rumpke, noted Judge Perry.
Johnson, who faces felony charges including murder in the second degree, also pled not guilty when he appeared earlier this month. His pre-trial conference is set for November 27 at 1:30 p.m.; Smith’s equivalent appearance has yet to be scheduled.