SHS to present “Concert of Love”

There haven’t been as many performance opportunities for students this winter/spring but the time has allowed us to do some really cool and unique things. It also allows time to focus on fundamentals and I am very happy with how the Junior High Band and Choir are coming along.

The High School Band finished up the pep band season with some challenging arrangements and now everyone is focused on the ‘love’ theme for our spring concert. The SHS Concert of Love will be held at 7 p.m. on April 10.

I continue to work hard to make concerts ‘entertainment’ events and I have given students a great deal of say in the music selection and theme. Along with the concert, students have been reflecting on the idea of love.

What does it mean? What do you love to do? The good and bad of love… We have been asking questions and discussing the theme and will present some of student’s perspectives at the concert.

The High School Choir originally formulated the ‘love’ theme and they will present some great arrangements on the joys and hardships of love. I am so excited for this concert and I hope it conveys the true creative nature of the SHS music students!

Submitted by Ward Johnston