Service award

Sherri Davis and Barb Coy

Sherri Davis was recognized for 10 years of service at Crook County Public Health October 19, 2011. The majority of Sherri’s time is in the Nurse Family Partnership Program that is designed to assist first time moms to improve pregnancy outcomes, their child’s health and development, and improve their economic conditions. Sherri has had a number of clients graduate from the program and has some of the best outcomes in the state. Sherri has adapted to a number of changes in Public Health in this past ten years and has become proficient in immunizations as well as a great asset to the office in emergency preparedness. Presently, she is working on implementing an evidence-based smoking cessation program for pregnant women. She is a certified lactation counselor and has had training on motivation interviewing. Barb Coy, Public Health manager, presented Sherri her certificate and stated, “We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated nurse in our county. When Sherri was hired for this position, I felt she would be excellent in this role with her background in relationship-based nursing. That has proven to be true.”