Rep. Lindholm, Sen. Driskill hope to retain legislative seats

By Sarah Pridgeon

Both of Crook County’s state representatives have announced their intention to run again for office at this year’s election. Both will seek a third term, Senator Ogden Driskill having represented the county for the last eight years and Representative Tyler Lindholm for four.

Driskill, who says he is consistently ranked as one of Wyoming’s most conservative legislators and a strong voice for rural Wyoming, has served on multiple committees including Agriculture, Travel, Recreation and Wildlife, Select Water, Select School Facilities, Labor, Health, and Revenue. He currently serves on Appropriations and is co-chairman of the Blockchain Task Force.

“It has been a pleasure to work for the citizens of northeast Wyoming for the last eight years. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to play a role in making our communities a better place to live and helping constituents with interactions with government,” he says.

“I work very closely with the senators and representatives from northeast Wyoming. Together, we have been a strong voice for all of northeast Wyoming. Teamwork with fellow legislators is critical in being effective and I feel I have a great working relationship with nearly all of the Wyoming Legislature.”

Among his accomplishments as a senator, Driskill lists strengthening property rights, supporting the Second Amendment, being a “budget hawk”, sponsoring legislation that created jobs and income to the state, helping to get passing lanes on Hwy 59 and sponsoring legislation to repeal burdensome rules and regulations.

“I have also been instrumental in helping communities secure funding for projects and improvements,” he says.

If the senator is re-elected, he says his priorities will include simplifying the Wyoming budget and making it more transparent, working to solve the solid waste problem in our communities, holding the line on taxes and continuing to trim the budget wherever possible.

“I am an ardent supporter of education, but believe we need to take a hard look at education spending and efficiencies,” he adds.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of this area, Driskill expresses thanks for the support he has received and says he hopes to have the opportunity to continue his service.

Lindholm says it has been an honor to serve the people of House District 1 for almost four years, during which time he has traveled all over the state aiming to carry the message of simple, no-nonsense government.

During that time, he says, he has been the only legislator to collect every vote of passage made and post them publicly. He has also sponsored six high school legislative interns and two college interns from Crook and Western Counties.

“I have led efforts to diversify and deregulate several economies that our state and district have benefited from but, more importantly, I have strived to make myself accessible to you and your families,” Lindholm says.

“By far, the most enjoyable parts of my job have been working with you, my employer. Whether it has been on the fire line or in the banquet hall, it has been my honor.”

During his two terms, Lindholm says the state has faced major deficits, challenges from federal courts and a changeover of two thirds of the legislature’s seats. Now, he continues, the challenges include an almost complete replacement of the executive branch and an ever-present structural deficit, particularly in education.

“It’s not all doom and gloom though, as your legislature has passed another balanced budget, cut the state government to its smallest size in over ten years and found ways to diversify the economy by removing burdensome regulatory trip wires for business,” Lindholm says.

Lindholm asks for the county’s vote of confidence once again.

“Send me back to Cheyenne to continue my crusade of shaking up state government,” he says.

“Our future is in our next generation and it will continue to be my goal to ensure that our state is the most attractive option for them and their careers.”