REE scoping summary available

Black Hills National Forest officials announced this week that the Bear Lodge Project (formally known as the RER Mineral Development Project)  scoping summary document is available for public review and is posted on the Forest website,
The initial scoping period for the Bear Lodge Project on the Black Hills National Forest generated 153 comment letters. The scoping summary was developed by the contractor.
The scoping period for the proposed mine development and mineral exploration project began March 28, 2014, with the Notice of Intent published in the Federal Register (Fed Doc. 2014-06916), and ended April 30, 2014.
During this initial scoping period, the public was invited to provide comments about their concerns and interests that should be included in the environmental analysis document.
The Forest’s next step is to develop alternatives, design criteria, and monitoring activities to the proposed project for further analysis. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is scheduled to be available for public review and comment in January 2015.
For further notifications of this project, please send an email to . Please call Jeanette Timm at (307) 283-1361 with questions about the Bear Lodge Project.