Redistricting plan gets approval

Crook, portions of Weston & Campbell Counties to make up new senate district


By Sarah Pridgeon

The state’s redistricting plan passed the Senate vote last Thursday and now requires only Governor Matt Mead’s signature to become law. The plan, according to Senator Ogden Driskill, will significantly change the make-up of eastern Wyoming, and in particular Crook County’s district.

Senator Driskill made efforts to oppose the proposal, which focused the brunt of changes on the eastern side of the state, but was ultimately unsuccessful. His district, he says, will see the largest change in the state.

“I made a lot of people mad, I thought it was a travesty,” he said, speaking at the Crook County Republican Party Convention. “I will now be paired with Representatives Wallace and Semlek, with northern Campbell County. For Crook County, it’s still the same but also much different.”

According to Senator Driskill, pairing with northern Campbell County will provide great opportunities and access to one of the wealthier counties in the state, which is positive.

“However, Campbell is a big county and gets a lot of money,” he said. “We’re rural and poor and there’s not a lot of minerals here – representing one of the wealthiest and one of the poorest counties at the same time will be a challenge.”

The redistricting proposal was passed by the Senate in a 28-2 vote, with only minimal changes made to the version passed by the House. It was then sent on to the Governor for his consideration.

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