Crook County Promotion Board – May 2

May 2, 2016, West Texas Trail Museum – Moorcroft

Attending: President Rose Ann Olson, Vice – President Joleen Hart; Robyn Finch, Secretary/Treasurer, members Cynthia Clonch, Andrea Driskill Wood and new member Kendra Meidinger, who will be representing Pine Haven. Guests: Jim Wilkerson, Miles Marketing Destinations (Wyoming Office of Tourism); Joe Baron, County Attorney, Zannie Driskill, Larry Suchor, Mayor of Pine Haven, Sara King and Elaine Buckmiller from the Moorcroft Chamber of Commerce.

President Rose Olson called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. Motions to approve the agenda, the minutes as presented, and the Treasurer’s report as presented were made, seconded and passed. Jim Wilkerson presented the Advertising Proposal for the Wyoming Travel Journal and other advertising outlets. We can still have page 4 for a full page ad and a ½ page ad in the Northeast Wyoming section for a cost of $15,491. .If we went with the banner program he presented, we receive a monthly report. We can change the ad artwork at any time, perhaps with the seasons. The cost of our ads and the banner program would be $16,842.


Introduction of New Board Member: President Rose Olson introduced Kendra Meidinger as the representative from Pine Haven. She will fill their unexpired term until June of 2017. Larry Suchor, Mayor of Piine Haven, stated that they had appointed her and were very pleased to have Kendra as their representative. Kendra is the Guest Services Manager for the Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch near Alva, Wyoming.

Joint Powers Agreement: A discussion concerning the disbursement of 10% of the monies collected by each entity within the Joint Powers – Sundance, Moorcroft, Pine Haven, Hulett, and Crook County was opened up. Andrea is concerned about what those funds might be used for if that 10% goes to each entity. Joleen has researched this and found that the communities can use the funds for whatever they want, and the Joint Powers Board has no control in how the funds are used. Besides board members from each community, Moorcroft Chamber members and Larry Suchor, Mayor of Pine Haven was present for this discussion.

After discussion, it was moved and passed that the Joint Powers Amended 6th draft stand as drafted and that we do not address the distribution of monies in this draft. The original JPA did not address it. The JPA will be presented to the Crook County Commissioners at their next meeting and then passed to each community for approval and signature.

Grants: The Board considered applications from the Texas Trail Car Club Cruisers for their annual event, the Sundance Chamber of Commerce for our ad in their Visitor Guide, Sundance Geocach for a summer event, the Turkey Shoot Foundation for their annual event, and the Moorcroft Chamber for their annual Jamboree. Andrea moved that we award grants as follows: Texas Trail Cruisers, $250; Sundance Chamber, $580; Sundance Geocach, $500; Turkey Shoot, $1,000; and Moorcroft Chamber, $750. Joleen seconded her motion. Discussion followed and the motion carried.


Since we need to decide on how much we will spend to advertise with the Wyoming Office of Tourism, Joleen motioned that we purchase the package from Miles Marketing for the full page ad on page 4, the ½ page ad in the Northeast section of the journal, and that we purchase the banner program this year for a total of $16,842. Andrea seconded the motion and it carried. Andrea amended the motion to include the purchase of the full page ad in the South Dakota Visitor Guide for a price of $4,240. Joleen seconded this amended motion and it carried. Some other budget line items were discussed and determined, but because our meeting was a long one, and there were questions on some of the costs, by a motion from Joleen, seconded by Andrea, and which carried, completion of the budget was tabled for this meeting and will be completed at our next meeting, scheduled for June 27 at 4 p.m. in Sundance.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m. The next meeting will be held on Monday, June 27 at 4 p.m. in Sundance at the Sundance Bank Building.

Submitted by Robyn Finch