Projects reach fruition at council meeting

By Sarah Pridgeon

Several ongoing projects were confirmed to either be complete or nearing completion at this month’s regular meeting of the Sundance City Council, called to order by Council Member April Gill. Discussions began with the Sundance Kids Daycare Center, which is in its final rounds of checks and reviews and scheduled to be ready for opening on December 1.

Kenny Rathbun of Bearlodge Ltd. reported that the alley project, located next to the Dime Horseshoe Bar, is finished and in the clean-up stage and should be reopened to traffic at the end of this week. Work on the extension of the walking path to Clarenbach Memorial Park began this week and has an expected completion date of December 22, barring snow dates.

The water system at the West Street stream crossing has been installed and tested and is now online. Excavations to begin laying pipe began last week and, despite issues with groundwater, which has necessitated discarding material too wet to go back in, work continues on schedule.

A motion was passed for Mark Hughes, City Attorney, to move forward with the Proctor Land Exchange, in which a city-owned lot of land will be traded for one located by the creek. As the latter land is in the flood plain and potentially worth significantly less, an appraisal will now be performed if Proctor is willing to pay for it.

A resolution was passed authorizing submission of a pre-application form to the State Loan and Investment Board for a loan through the State Revolving Fund on behalf of the governing body for replacement of the Cole Water Storage Tank. The pre-application is an initial step so we’re “prepared if we need to be,” said Kathy Lenz, Clerk-Treasurer; Public Works Director Larry Schommer later commented that the tank is continuing to slide and he would be “surprised” if it was still there in the spring.

The council discussed whether deer control would be necessary this year and decided that, as only a few deer are venturing into town, according to Police Chief Todd Fritz, a permit will be sought but not used unless it becomes necessary. A motion was passed to apply for the permit.

In departmental reports, Schommer reported water accountability of 62 percent at 60 cents per gallon and informed that council that it may be necessary to call in help from a testing company to locate a potential leak in the east of town. More water meters may also be added to the pipes, beginning where the leak is suspected to be.

Schommer confirmed that snow removal will begin at 4 a.m. each day this year and asked that city residents not begin shoveling their driveways until the removal trucks have passed. The earlier starting time is intended to address the problem of snow being moved back onto residents’ properties as the trucks clear the roads.

Fire Chief Blair Stugelmeyer reported ten runs this month and a current volunteer membership of 22. He requested a drug testing policy be put in place for Sundance’s firefighters and Hughes agreed to investigate whether the department falls under the city’s drug-free policy.

The next regular meeting of the Sundance City Council will take place on Tuesday, December 6.