Primary Election next week

By Sarah Pridgeon

The 2016 Primary Election is just round the corner and marks the community’s opportunity to vote for its nominees for State Representative, U.S. Representative and County Commissioner, as well as for council seats around the county. The polls will open at 7 a.m. on August 16.

Two Republican candidates will vie for your vote for State Representative, House District #1. Incumbent Tyler Lindholm, rancher and power cooperative employee who has served one term in Cheyenne and as Crook County Republican Party chairman, will be challenged by Ted Davis, also a one-time Crook County Republican Party chairman and a former city councilman.

On the Democratic ballot will be Randy Leinen, chairman of the Crook County Democratic Party.

One County Commission seat at the primary will carry a four year term. No challengers will appear on the Republican ballot against incumbent Kelly Dennis and no candidate will run on the Democratic ballot.

Two council member positions, each carrying four year terms, are to be elected for the City of Sundance. The incumbents, April Gill and Ken Denzin, will not be seeking re-election.

Two candidates have put forward their names for these seats: Joe Wilson and Jana McLean. A further two names could be added through write-in votes at the primary election as a total of four can go forward to the general election.

In Moorcroft, every council seat is up for election, with two four-year council member terms and two unexpired two-year council member terms available. Alfred “Charlie” Britton, incumbent Dick Claar, Paul Smoot, incumbent John Aloisio and Margaret “Babe” Lynch will each seek the two-year terms, while incumbent Owen Mathews, Robert Stewart, Larry Ferrell and incumbent Ben Glenn have submitted their names for the four-year terms.

In Pine Haven, two four-year council member terms will be open. No candidates have filed for these positions, so up to four names will be secured through write-in votes at the primary election.

The names that will appear on the Republican ballot for United States Representative include Heath Beaudry, a U.S. Bank employee from Evanston; Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney; Leland Christensen, Wyoming senator from Teton County; Mike Konsmo, assistant professor of English at Northwest College; Paul Paad, director of safety at a trucking company in Casper; Jason Senteney, a Department of Corrections employee in Torrington; Darin Smith, a Cheyenne resident who works for the Christian Broadcasting Network; Tim Stubson, lawyer and Wyoming representative for Casper; ; Rex Rammell (please note, Rammell dropped out of the race in July).

On the Libertarian ballot is Lawrence Struempf, a computer information systems teacher for Laramie County Community College. On the Constitutional Party ballot is Daniel Clyde Cummings, a family practice specialist from Casper.

On the Democratic ballot are Charlie Hardy, an ex-Catholic priest and international speaker; and Ryan Greene, operations manager for Greene’s Energy Services.

Voters who have not yet registered with the County or City Clerk will have the option to register at the polls on Primary Election Day.



A number of officers will be elected at the general election only, including four officers for Crook County School District: one Hulett trustee, one Moorcroft trustee and two Sundance trustees. All are four year terms.

For Crook County Medical Services District, voters will elect three trustees, one each for Hulett, Moorcroft and Sundance. Each carries a four year term.

Crook County Natural Resource District will see three officers elected: one rural, one urban and one at-large conservation district supervisor. Each officer will serve a four year term.

Three trustee positions are open for the Crook County Museum District, again for four year terms.

The filing period for offices elected at the general election closes on August 29.