Premier Mortgage finds new home in Sundance

By Sarah Pridgeon
If you’re seeking to buy a new home, or to rejuvenate your current one, it may interest you to know that Premier Home Mortgage, a coast-to-coast company with branches across the country, now boasts an office in Sundance, owned and run by Deb Dudley.
“Premier is a good, solid and very ethical mortgage company.  I’ve known and worked with the owner of the Gillette office for many years in different capacities,” says Dudley. “We’re not quite as conservative as most banks and have several investors to purchase the loans we make, which means, even if a loan doesn’t quite fit with one person, it might with another. Having more options helps us be more successful in getting loans to closing.”
Premier’s philosophy, says Dudley, is to offer the best available loan, treating every borrower with respect and honesty in a timely fashion. Each client will be offered a variety of loan options with competitive closing costs, and everything possible will be done to close loans in a timely manner.

Deb Dudley

“Interest rates are great!” Dudley goes on. “We have first time homebuyer programs and loan programs to help renovate and improve homes that are currently owned and ones that people are interested in buying. We have an online application at”
The addition of the Sundance office doubles Premier’s presence within Wyoming, with several offices in Illinois and South Dakota and a corporate office in Rapid City, South Dakota. “We’re actually larger than most people think,” says Dudley.
Before opening the office, Dudley originated loans for a bank in Gillette. “We’ve lived west of Sundance for several years and had been making the drive to Gillette every day. We grew tired of that and started looking for opportunities closer to home – also, working in a small town gives me a better chance to get to know people and time to enjoy life away from work and driving.”
Dudley will be holding an open house to introduce herself, and Premier, to Sundance locals in the near future. “I may wait until it warms up and the ice melts so more people feel like getting out,” she says.
Premier Home Mortgage is based at 113 S. West Street. To contact Deb Dudley for more information, call 307-283-3183.