Patriots cruise to victory over Cyclones

By Rebecca Maupin
With over 600 yards of offense and almost 500 yards of rushing, the Patriots won big this past week against conference rival Southeast. The game started out strong for the Patriots as Kye Taylor received a short pass from Clayton Louderback and it was off to the races to the end zone for a 55-yard touchdown.

(Rebecca Maupin photo) Jayden Caylor stretches for the goal line.
(Rebecca Maupin photo) Jayden Caylor stretches for the goal line.

Tack an extra point made by Jerrett Schloredt onto the board and the score was 7-0 with 7:44 left to go in the first quarter. The dust in the end zone had not settled as Jaydon Caylor rolled over several Cyclones, never touching the ground, and found himself running 52 yards for another Patriot touchdown.
An attempt at a two-point conversion didn’t play out as the Patriots had hoped, but the score was still 13-0 with 6:08 left. A pass interference penalty on the Patriots gave the Cyclones their first first down of the game but the defense stiffened after that and the Patriots got the ball back on their own 20 as the Cyclones punted it away.
The Patriots came back with vengeance as Louderback had a 43-yard run followed by 31-yard touchdown run from Claycomb to extend the Patriots lead 19-0 with 2:58 still left in the first. As the Cyclones struggled for yardage, the Patriots blocked their punt and had good field position, inside the 30 as the clock ticked down.
Caylor was able to find the end zone one more time with 31 seconds left to go in the first. Another extra point by Schloredt and the Patriots ended the quarter 26-0.
The Cyclones continued to struggle in the second quarter as a 35-yard field goal attempt was blocked by the Patriots who then took control of the ball again. Jaydon Caylor saw the next play as an opportunity for a 66-yard touchdown run, to extend their lead 32-0.
As Schloredt added another point to the score it was 33-0 with 9:27 to go in the half. The Cyclones tried to lengthen the quarter with their continuous passing plays, but an interception by Jo Bishop, returned to the seven-yard line, sets Tanner Hofland up for a touchdown on the very next play.

(Photo courtesy Marsha Barritt) Jess Claycomb powers through the line.
(Photo courtesy Marsha Barritt) Jess Claycomb powers through the line.

With 9:02 left in the second quarter, the Patriots had dominated the offense and defense with a score of 40-0. A 15-yard penalty on the Patriots puts the Cyclones on the 35-yard line and close to scoring territory.
However, they Cyclones passed right into the hands of Jaydon Caylor and he returned the interception for another Patriot touchdown. The Cyclones continued to struggle against the Patriots as they fumbled on the kickoff and Louderback was able to come up with the ball on the 22-yard line.
With a change of quarterbacks, Caylor kept the ball for a 22-yard touchdown. Schloredt added another extra point and the score was 54-0 with 5:22 left in the half.
The start of the second half saw running clock, and the Cyclones attempting to regain the ball from the start. With an onside kick by the Cyclones recovered, a second down pass puts them in scoring territory.
A quarterback keeper brought them two yards from the end zone and the next play put the Cyclones on the board with 8:11 left in the third quarter. With the clock moving faster, Nathan Baker took it up midfield to get the Patriots in scoring position.
Reece Barritt brought the Patriots to first and goal with a quarterback keeper and brought it into the end zone after that. The third quarter came to a close with the score 61-7.
The fourth quarter saw the Cyclones make a drive to the end zone again but a turnover on downs gave the ball back to the Patriots and the length of the field to go. A safety by the Cyclones gave them two more points, making the score 61-9 with 6:33 left in the fourth, but again the Patriots had an answer to that score.
Reece Barrit was able to sneak into the end zone one more time with a quarterback keeper and, with one more extra point on the board, the final score of the night was 68-9.
The Patriots saw a great night of rushing as they went 477 yards on 36 rushing attempts for the night. The Patriots will hope to take that momentum into the final conference game of the season as they host the Pine Bluffs Hornets on Friday for the Homecoming game in Sundance at 5:30 p.m.
The Hornets fly into town with a 4-2 record overall and a 3-1 record in the conference. This game is important for both teams as the winner should secure the number two seed for the upcoming playoffs and an all-important first round home game.
Stats from the game:
Passing: Louderback: 4/8 (1 TD)
Rushing: Caylor 6/158 (4 TDs), R. Barritt 3/96 (2 TD), Claycomb 10/71 (1 TD), Hofland 5/26 (1 TD), Louderback 5/94, Baker 4/29, L. Rudloff 3/3
Receiving: Taylor 2/65 (1 TD), Caylor 1/17, Bruce 1/9
Points: Louderback 14, Caylor 13, Turner 12.5