Final (unofficial) results

17 of 17 precincts reporting

Election Results

As election results begin to flow in from Crook County polling areas, we will be posting results on both our website and Facebook page. Wednesday’s Sundance Times will have a wrap-up of the evening’s results while the Wyoming Pioneer will have an insert with a summary of Tuesday’s election.

Easy does it

Slow but steady rally sees fewer incidents than usual

A biker lights up the rear tire on his V8-powered motorcycle on Wednesday during the burnout competition.

A biker lights up the rear tire on his V8-powered motorcycle on Wednesday during the burnout competition.

By Sarah Pridgeon

Cook Lake and surrounding area to remain closed

Officials planning public meeting this month

The area closure order will remain in effect for the Cook Lake Recreational Area and surrounding area through the month of August, possibly longer.

Candidates reminded to file reports

Financial disclosure reports for federal candidates this election season will soon be available for public viewing online. Secretary of State Max Maxfield has reminded candidates and political entities that state law requires them to submit a campaign finance receipt report by August 12, seven days before the Primary Election. Doing so, says Maxfield, ensures that the reports are available to the public immediately after being posted. To access the reports, visit This law applies to all non-federal candidates, candidate committees and political action committees. Statewide candidates, candidate committees and political action committees are required to file their reports electronically with the Secretary of State. Candidates for county or municipal offices should meanwhile file their financial disclosure reports with the county clerk.

State joins neighbors against EPA

Wyoming has joined 11 other states in opposing an Environmental Protection Agency regulation to further limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, challenging an EPA settlement agreement that Governor Matt Mead says purports to allow the EPA to over-regulate coal and is unlawful under the Clean Air Act. Wyoming is also putting together an analysis on the proposed rule as part of the public comment period. ““We will use many different tactics to fight this rule. It is an overreach and is harmful to the economy of the entire country and in particular to Wyoming,” Governor Mead said. “We need affordable energy and a clean environment. We can have both, but this is not how we get there. This rule goes too far.”

Injured woman rescued from Devils Tower

By Sarah Pridgeon