Our View – Feb. 15

As you’ll have read elsewhere in this week’s paper, I and my wife, Yvonne, have officially taken the reins at the Sundance Times, giving my folks, Curt and Linda, the chance to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

It’s humbling to look back at what this paper has represented over the last century and realize you are taking ownership of one of the oldest businesses in the state.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to spend the last 15 years here working with my folks, learning to recognize what it takes, week in and week out to produce a publication that we can all be proud of. That ink has found its way into my bloodstream too and I look forward to working toward continuing their legacy.

Contrary to what you may hear, it is a good time to be a community newspaper. It’s a particularly good time to be a community paper in northeast Wyoming! Our loyal subscriber base continues to grow and we have an outstanding group of employees dedicated to making sure they receive the best product we can put forward each week.

We will continue to maintain that dedication as we move forward into the next era. Your hometown paper will see changes as we go along but it will remain, above all, your paper.

If you see things you don’t like, things you wish we could do differently or have an idea you would like to see in print, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. We constantly strive to improve the way in which we serve you and thank you for helping us in that endeavor.

Jeff Moberg