Oaths of office

(Sarah Pridgeon photo)
Newly elected officials representing several county districts gathered in the courtroom on Thursday to take their oath of office. For some, it was not only the first time they had held their right hand aloft, but also the moment when their board of trustees came together in its inaugural configuration.
Sandy Neiman and Trisha Habeck took their oath as members of the Crook County Medical Services District trustees, while Lorie Marchant (not pictured) and Rod Knudson stood for the Crook County Museum District and Wanda Burget for the Crook County Natural Resource District.
Meanwhile, Bonnie Beaudoin, Joey Kanode and Roger Jones took the oath as three of the first five members of the Crook County Senior Services District’s Board of Trustees. Michele Pridgeon and Jane West, unable to attend the gathering, had already pledged their services earlier in the week.