Nursing home wins accreditation

By Sarah Pridgeon
Crook County Long Term Care nursing home, at Sundance Hospital, has received accreditation from the Department of Health and Medicare after initiating a range of improvements to the facility and its programs, according to John Osse, Interim CEO of Crook County Medical Services District.
After failing an inspection in July due to problems with compliance, a plan of correction was put in place to ensure the nursing home meets the necessary rules and regulations.
As well as staff changes, the improvements include enhanced activity and restorative care programs, said Osse. A new medication dispensing system has been put in place, significantly reducing errors and time taken to distribute medication among the residents, and computer programs have been introduced with which to better track treatments.
The improvements met with a positive response from both state and federal inspectors from Medicare and the Department of Health, as well as from the Veteran’s Administration. The nursing home is now accredited with all three organizations and the improvements have elicited positive comments from family members, volunteers and the residents themselves.
The plan was carried through by Connie Clous, Director of Nurses at the Long Term Care facility, who commented that her staff deserves great credit for achieving the improvements. “They really did a wonderful job in pulling together and stepping up to the plate to do what needed to be done,” she said.
The Board of Directors was also very pleased with the performance of the staff, added Osse. “Everyone worked hard – it took some time and a lot of effort, but it was worthwhile.”