New options for vehicle registration

By Sarah Pridgeon

New options will soon be available to vehicle owners when renewing their annual registration. The vehicle registration process will now include opportunity to select your month of renewal or use a staggered registration.

The familiar annual registration renewal process will remain available for vehicle owners who would prefer all their registrations to expire in February. Alternatives will, however, be open to newly purchased vehicles and their registration renewals the following year.

“We’re looking forward to offering constituents the option to license vehicles in the same manner that has been in effect since 1930 or giving them some options for alternative month expiration deadlines,” commented Mary Wood Kuhl, County Treasurer.

When renewing a vehicle registration that expires in February or licensing a vehicle that has not had a current registration for a year or more, the choice is now available to select the renewal month most convenient to you. Renewal must be for a minimum of one year and fees attached for full registration months are not depreciated until the next renewal.

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, you can either select your month of renewal as above or choose to renew a year from the date of purchase with a 12-month registration.

A resolution to allow the new options was passed by the County Commissioners at Kuhl’s behest at February 6’s monthly meeting. The changes will be effective March 1, 2013.