Morning fire takes abandoned house

(Jeff Moberg photos)26-web-fire2

An abandoned house on Sunny Divide caught fire early on Monday morning for reasons as yet unknown. The fire was reported by a neighbor, says Fire Warden Jeff Garman, and crews from Hulett, Carlile and Zone 14 were on site by 7:30 a.m.

“It was fully engulfed by the time most of these outfits got here, so it was a matter of just keeping it contained and keeping it from getting out in the grass,” says Garman.

Firefighters were in the mop-up stage by the end of the morning. The building was an older structure with no inhabitants.

An investigator was called in from Riverton to determine the cause. As there had been no lightning in the area during the hours before the fire was reported and the home was uninhabited, says Garman, crews were unable to pinpoint what started the fire.