Moline hopes to regain Commissioner seat


By Sarah Pridgeon

No stranger to the County Commission, John Moline has announced that he will strive to win back his seat in the upcoming elections. Having served as chairman of the commission until his term expired four years ago, he would like the opportunity to step back into the role.

“I like the challenge and I’m hoping I can make a positive difference in things,” he says of his motivation to run.

“You meet a lot of interesting people and you get to know the state, I really enjoyed that when I was commissioner before. I think the timing is fairly good – there are two commissioner spots open.”

Having experience as a County Commissioner already under his belt is a positive thing, he believes.

“They won’t have to train me quite so much. I’ve been out of it for four years, so there’s a lot I don’t know, but I still have a feel for it,” he says, explaining that he has been following the commission’s actions during his time away.John MOline

“The type of person I am [makes me qualified]. I can ask a lot of questions and, if I think I’m right, I’m not scared of standing up and taking an unpopular position.”

Returning to the commission will also allow him to resume his efforts to steer the county in the right direction.

“I think, if we want to get back to the grass roots, we need to start working on that and the sooner the better. We’re having a lot of radical ideas that I don’t approve of,” he says.

“I think the last time I proved that I went the extra mile as far as attending meetings [and so on]. I think that was good, I got to be fairly well known around the state with other commissioners and, on a state level, they appreciate input from the local commissioners.”

Moline’s family owns a ranch northeast of Aladdin, where both his great-grandparents and grandparents once homesteaded. His grandsons are the sixth generation to set foot on the ranch.

“I went to country school for eight years and then graduated from Sundance High School,” he says of his background.

Moline graduated from the University after a stint in the service, which took him to Germany.

“My love is ranching, but I’ve done a lot of other things,” he adds.

“I worked for the State Ag Department, I run an ag repair business and I was on the school board for about ten years.”

Moline believes that this is an important time for the county – and, in turn, for the County Commission.

“I don’t have any major issues, I want whoever is on the commission for us to work together as a team. I’m not running for any certain issue, just that I think I can do a good job,” he says.

“I think we’ve been discovered. We’ve got rare earth coming in, we have a pipeline running through the eastern part and I think there’s a pipeline in the western part being rebuilt. The population may start increasing.”

Moline would like to see the county’s revenues continue to flourish and perhaps improve during this time of economic development.

“I always have concerns about the budget. We went through a couple of times where we had to make cuts in the budget because we didn’t have the revenue, but I don’t see that happening right now,” he explains.

“I’d like to see us handle it in a positive way. Like with rare earth or the pipeline, you can’t stop it but you can [push it in the right direction].”

Moline will be campaigning over the coming months to give the community a chance to get to know him.

“I’m probably well known, but not everybody knows me. I’m actually from Aladdin but a lot of people think I’m from Sundance, so sometimes there are questions from people outside the Sundance area on issues and so on,” he says.

“I would encourage people to get out and vote. I think it’s important for everybody to get involved and get interested, and know the facts.”

Moline encourages people to call him if they have questions or thoughts to share. He can be contacted at 307-896-9135.