Local HS students rodeo in Rock Springs

Several local high school students took part in the High School Rodeo this last weekend in Rock Springs. Local students placing in the top ten include the following:

Barrel Racing (Saturday): 6. Jacy Grieves, Upton, 16.028

Breakaway Roping (Saturday): 4. Callie Robinson, Moorcroft, 3.470

Steer Wrestling (Saturday): 5. Lynden Nelson, Moorcroft, 13.250

Tie Down (Saturday): 7. Lynden Nelson, Moorcroft, 17.310

Barrel Racing (Sunday): 7. Callie Robinson, 16.015; 9. Baillie Matthews, Rozet, 16.146

Breakaway Roping (Sunday): 6. Baillie Matthews, Rozet, 3.150; 8. Callie Robinson, Moorcroft, 3.250

The top four finishers after the State High School Finals in Douglas will represent Wyoming at the National High School Finals in Rock Springs in July. Current State Standings:

Breakaway Roping: 6. Callie Robinson, 16/17. Baillie Matthews, 32/25. Peggy Sue Garman

Tie Down Roping: 17. Lynden Nelson

Steer Wrestling: 12/13. Lynden Nelson

Goat Tying: 20/21. Baillie Matthews

Barrel Racing: 8. Callie Robinson, 15. Jacy Grieves, 23/27. Baillie Matthews

Pole Bending: 14. Jacy Grieves

Team Roping: 2. Trace Steele/Jhett Hadley