Local fire crews keep hopping

Cemetery Fire, Upton, taken on September 4 by Fire Warden Gari Gill. The plume of flames visible behind the fire truck was caused by a propane tank catching fire.

By Sarah Pridgeon
Wildfire threatened the town of Upton last week, causing two dozen residents to be evacuated, burning one home and a number of outbuildings and shutting down part of Highway 14 during the afternoon of Tuesday, September 4. The fire consumed over 200 acres before it was contained.
Crook County’s volunteer fire service responded to the fire, with 11 units and 30 personnel aiding Upton’s own firefighters. Located between the cemetery and the railroad overpass to the east, the fire was reported at 1:15 p.m. and was described by Fire Warden Gari Gill as “very volatile.”
One home and around five or six outbuildings were lost during the fire, the cause of which is still under investigation. Seventeen structures were saved and the fire was described as 75 percent contained by the following morning.
A small car fire was spotted on I-90 on Thursday; at just 40 by 20 feet, it was the length of two cars. Commissioner Hadley was the first on scene, arriving to find a trucker had stopped and was using his fire extinguisher on it.
Deputy Fire Warden Jeff Garman responded to the fire and it was contained in short order. The cause is under investigation but appears to be an accident of some sort.
A 20-acre grass fire was tackled over the weekend in the Oshoto area. Local units responded and contained the fire at around 20 acres.
Crook County Emergency Management and Fire have launched an emergency notification service for community members to sign up for county-wide and geographically specific emergencies. A link can be found on the Emergency Management page at www.crookcounty.wy.gov/