Local election yields few surprises, new district faces

By Sarah Pridgeon

Crook County’s new elected officials have been announced after a general election race that was highly contested for several seats. Below are the preliminary local results.

Please note that we have included only contested races, those not included on the primary ballot and seats for which the incumbent did not run. A number in parentheses after the race name indicates multiple seats were open for that district or board.

County district races are decided at the general election. The Crook County Senior Services District, which was created by public vote at the primary election, saw its very first board elected.

Eleven people competed for the five open seats, with Joey Kanode, Michele Pridgeon, Bonnie Beaudoin, Roger Jones and Jane West confirmed as the inaugural board for the new district.

(Sarah Pridgeon photo) As a long season of campaigning drew to a close this week, voters finally had their say on the future of the country.
(Sarah Pridgeon photo) As a long season of campaigning drew to a close this week, voters finally had their say on the future of the country.

Crook County School District also saw competition. While Brian Marchant and Chase Williams were unopposed as the Hulett and Moorcroft trustee respectively, the three at-large positions drew in six candidates and were won by the three incumbents: D. Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill and Kenneth Rathbun.

Two of three candidates won at-large trustee positions for Crook County Medical Services District: incumbent Sandy Neiman and Trisha Habeck. The Crook County Museum District, which also saw double the number of candidates as, will welcome incumbent Lorie Marchant and new directors Rosalie Brimmer and Rodney Knudson.

At the city level, Paul Brooks beat out challenger Joshua Kammerer to retain his mayorship while both Moorcroft and Pine Haven will welcome new mayors in 2019: Dick Claar for the former and Bill Cunningham for the latter. Moorcroft’s council race saw numerous contenders at the primary, with Dale Petersen and Paul S. Smoot winning the most votes to take the two open seats.

Brad Marchant will retain his seat on the Sundance City Council, where he will be joined by a write-in candidate or appointee who has yet to be named. In Pine Haven, John Henle and Kristy Speed will occupy the two open council seats.

At time of going to press, tentative results suggested that Mark Gordon will be named Wyoming Governor, John Barrasso and Liz Cheney will retain their seats in Washington, D.C. and the state’s top elected seats were a clean sweep for the Republican Party.

The lodging tax, an increase from the 2 percent that has been imposed on visitors staying in Crook County for a number of years to a new 4 percent total, passed muster with voters.



Mayor of Sundance

Paul Brooks – 324

Joshua Kammerer – 167

Mayor of Moorcroft

Dick Claar – 184

Owen Mathews – 84

Mayor of Pine Haven

Bill R. Cunningham – 178

Moorcroft Council (2)

Paul S. Smoot – 172

Dale Petersen – 186

John Aliosio – 76

Nancy Feehan – 104

Pine Haven Council (2)

Kristy Speed – 112

Jeanne Williams – 92

John Henle – 140


Hulett Trustee

Brian Marchant – 2435

Moorcroft Trustee

Chase Williams – 2334

At Large Trustees (3)

Dustin Buckmiller – 1095

D. Marlene Edwards – 1306

Jerome A. Fischbach – 1086

Rick Gill – 1545

Peggy K. Howard – 541

Kenneth C. Rathbun – 1135


John Aloisio – 493

Bonnie J. Beaudoin – 1214

Audrey Ebsen – 688

Roger Jones – 806

Joey Kanode – 1191

Rodney Knudson – 739

Margaret “Babe” Lynch – 721

Marge Myers – 792

M. Michele Pridgeon – 902

Jane E. West – 829

Terry Wilkerson – 771


Trisha Habeck – 1925

Sandy Neiman – 1445

Georgia L. Valdon – 907


Rosalie Brimmer – 1503

Catherine Cardarelli – 592

Peggy K. Howard – 696

Rodney Knudson – 1009

Lorie L. Marchant – 1591

Frank R. Schwegel – 485


Wanda Burget – 1564

Jennifer Hinkhouse – 1859


4% Lodging Tax – YES


U.S. Senator

John Barrasso (Rep) – 2642

Gary Trauner (Dem) – 335

Joseph Porambo (Lib) – 110

U.S. Representative

Liz Cheney (Rep) – 2524

Greg Hunter (Dem) – 346

Richard Brubaker (Lib) – 85

Daniel Cummings (Con) – 99

Wyoming Governor

Mark Gordon (Rep) – 2574

Mary Throne (Dem) – 358

Lawrence Struempf (Lib) – 37

Rex Rammell (Con) – 89

Secretary of State

Edward Buchanan (Rep) – 2626

James Byrd (Dem) – 323

Kit Carson III (Lib) – 94

State Auditor

Kristi Racines (Rep) – 2681

Jeff Dockter (Dem) – 334

State Treasurer

Curt Meier (Rep) – 2686

Chris Lowry (Dem) – 330