Lisa Fletcher to run for second Assessor term

By Sarah Pridgeonfletcher


Lisa Fletcher has announced that she will seek a second term as Crook County Assessor at the upcoming elections. Nearing the end of her first four years, she believes that her experience in the role would help her continue to improve services and provide continuity for the public.

“I’ve been here for four years and I think we have made quite a few changes in welcoming the public back into the office. We like it when the public comes in and asks questions, we like it when they sit down with us and we can review their accounts and explain how our system works,” she says.

“The more knowledge they have, the more they can understand their taxes, so we try to make it a public office where they can feel comfortable coming in to do that.”

Fletcher has served one four-year term thus far, before which she was the Town Clerk in Pine Haven.

“I was there for two years before taking office as the County Assessor,” she says.

Her first term was concentrated largely on learning state statutes and requirements, getting the office in order and helping her employees to learn their roles, she says. A second term would allow her to make use of this understanding to continue serving the public.

“The more you’re in that office, the more we can continue to help the public because there’s consistency,” she says.

“Having great staff who know their requirements is important.”

Fletcher has also taken the opportunity to achieve certification in the role, something that she says takes the full four years to do.

“I have my Tax Appraisal Certification through the state and I plan on keeping it. They give you your first term to get that certification; it requires testing and then continuing education,” she explains.

“One of my goals is for my whole office to also get their certification.”

During her first term, Fletcher describes her biggest achievement as getting the whole county reviewed for property tax. Some parts of the county, she says, were wildly out of date and she would like to ensure that the knock-on effects of delayed reviews are prevented in the future.

“There were places that hadn’t been reviewed in numerous years, so I’m happy to say that we do now have everyone up to date for their buildings. There were some ranches that hadn’t been reviewed in over 20 years, so they got hit hard,” she says.

“I really believe that we need to stay on that cycle of reviewing properties every six years so that it stays consistent and people don’t see big changes. One of my goals is to stay on top of those reviews.”

Fletcher is seeking re-election in order to continue the work she has begun and her interaction with the public.

“I want to run again because I love the job. I like working with the public and teaching them about how the tax assessment works,” she concludes.

“I love Crook County and the people here and I think they deserve someone with good public relations who wants to teach them. The more the public knows, the easier it is for them to understand their taxes and I think that’s important.”