Letters to the Editor

Just a note to say I enjoy Sara Pridgeon’s This Side of the Pond, especially the April 3, 2014, article on the chivalry and respect she has seen and experienced here. It’s refreshing to know there are young people showing the courtesy and respect they have evidently learned from good parents. We often tend to take a lot for granted and don’t give credit where credit is due.


Evie Skaar

Dear Editor,

In the last issue of The Sundance Times I was reminded why newspapers can be the best place to get more insight, understanding of issues other media can’t, won’t, don’t provide.

The unfortunate twist of fate is many of our fellow citizens can’t, won’t, don’t read well enough, or with easy enough to learn this information. This would help them as citizens to make better decisions about the people we elect, or are appointed by those we elect.

The article on Ms. Hill’s visit brought this to my mind, as I read it, the story was very informative, and concerning, and infuriating. As this so called investigation of Ms. Hill was spun to the public by the leadership of the majority party as possible corruption, or at least poor/bad management there seemed an impetus to taint or convict her in the media. The strong arm tactics, questionable as to the legality or being ethical taken against her begs the question of why was she treated this way, as such a threat?

When the head elected official, as is the Governor, signs a bill/law into effect while saying he doesn’t know if it’s legal the reason might be one of several things. Ineptness, maybe his legal team isn’t very good. Cover for the good old boy network, friends and family, way of doing things. Spite, don’t do as I command and sign here for Common Core or you will be punished.

So Ms. Hill was punished, by use, possible abuse, of the Attorney General’s office, with the complicity of the other Republicans who sponsored the bogus legislation. Since the Attorney General is paid for by tax dollars and therefore has all the time and resources to drag out litigation, he did so, after all its only tax dollars. Meanwhile Ms. Hill paid her own way. And she won. So how does the leader of our state, the Republican Party, deal with the loss? Denial of the decision and continued disrespect for the decision of the state’s Supreme Court. Could it be because he is running for Governor against her?

Do not assume that the Republican Party is unique to this arrogance afforded them by being the majority party, if the Democrats where in power and a Cindy Hill dared challenge the political bosses they would act out the same.

The solution is made up of many parts, but one part is easy. Stop electing candidates backed by the establishment parties. The Republicans who became tired of tainted government gave rise to the TEA party, Taxed Enough Already. Perhaps the Democrats of the same mind could create their version of the TEA party, Taxed Enough Almost. But to foster a change there has to be an educated, literate electorate. Could that be what the threat from Ms. Hill is/was to the establishment?

Dave Craig