Letters to the Editor – Sept. 20

To the Editor:

As students head back to school this fall, we encourage parents to visit their local library and make sure their children and teens sign up for the most important school supply of all – a library card!

September is Library Card Sign-up Month, a time when the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country remind parents and caregivers that a library card is the smartest card you can own.

When it comes to achieving academic success, a library card provides students with access to a world of both print and electronic resources, including a number of free online databases through the Crook County Library system’s website.

Today’s students learn differently than their predecessors, with studies indicating that students most effectively learn when they are allowed to follow their personal interests. What better place is there to explore and develop new interests than the library? Libraries and librarians are on the frontlines of engaging these students, making a library card an essential tool for inspiring a lifelong passion for learning.

This September, open the door to a world of possibilities for the student in your life, and sign up for a library card today.


Jill Mackey

Crook County Library Director

Let me start by thanking the board members who have taken the time to listen to the citizens and teachers of Crook County. We are looking forward to your continued leadership in which you model ethics, progressiveness and dedication to the students you serve.

I would like to say, however, the nature in which the petition submitted to the school board at the July board meeting has been handled is less than acceptable. Upon submission of the petition, the citizens have complied with all requests set forth by the board, as well as, compromises to meet the needs of all interested parties. The citizens met agreed upon and set deadlines and have provided information and documentation upon requests.

We ONLY requested anonymity of staff and Crook County School District Employees to protect them and their employment. This request was blatantly denied by Chairman McInerny. No effort was made to protect those teachers who requested an audience with the board, thus, we feel the deliberate actions taken by the committee and the board did not act in an ethical, professional manner on behalf of the teachers and citizens of Crook County.

The board minutes from the August board meeting clearly state that the board would appoint a committee to review the petition documentation by August 24; no person was notified of a committee until September 10, 2012.

When the school board addressed the audience at the September 17 board meeting regarding the petition, the findings ONLY addressed letters of investigation: alternative calendar, staff contracts, etc. Not at ANY time did the board members address the allegations of bullying, harassment and unethical behavior demonstrated by the superintendent. Nor did the board clearly accept or deny the petition to remove this person from his position. I would think a 2½ hour executive session would warrant a decision which was clearly outlined on the agenda, “XIV. EXECUTIVE SESSION: A. Petition Presented in July by Jennifer Nehl”. The petition addressed the behavior and removal of the superintendent, NOT specifically the letters of investigation. At what point will the board be accountable for the behavior of administration?

Jennifer Nehl