Letters to the Editor – Oct. 4

Dear Editor,

Last week’s article regarding the plans to deal with the terrible problem that we face with the mountain pine beetle epidemic left me less than satisfied in several areas. The first point that leaped off the page at me was that this major problem has been in process for 15 years! 400,000 acres infested, oh is that all? What has the Forest Service been doing for those 15 years? And to be fair in appropriating responsibility where has the state government, both Wyoming and South Dakota, been during this time? Last year the issue was discussed, and here we are again one year later with still no large scale attack on the plague.

Then we come to the list of alternatives. Perhaps I’m not sophisticated enough to understand the process, but in the list of alternatives, the first being “No Action”, really? No action has to be even included in the consideration? The forest is being destroyed and the nicety of giving even a moment thought to “No Action”? Only a bureaucratic governmental agency would do that, how foolish to waste valuable time.

I am also concerned and upset about the inclusion of what appears to be special consideration for Spearfish Canyon. Why? Isn’t the forest in Wyoming important too? The Forest Service is paid with tax money collected by United States Federal government, which last time I checked included Wyoming.

Then lastly the waste of time spent about roads, once again the minutia of details. The only ones concerned about building roads in the forest seem to be the well intentioned but misguided environmentalist, who are principally the ones over the years that couldn’t see the dieing forest for the dieing trees.

So now we wait, some more, for a 30 day objection period. Why didn’t we have the 30 day waiting period a long time ago, say 10 or more years ago? Of course maybe the beetles will be willing to wait for us to get around to dealing with them, you think?

Dave Craig


Letter to the Editor,

This past Tuesday a patron of the business where I work happened to mention in passing something about homecoming. What homecoming? I said. They told me that it was homecoming week at Sundance High School. That evening after work I drove around town looking for any sign that what they had told me was true. Not one sign. No decorated windows or cars. What has happened to school pride and spirit? No community pride and involvement in school activities. I am a graduate of SHS (1967) as are my four sisters and our mother. We as high school students loved this time of year with all of the intrigue and pageantry leading up to the homecoming parade (non existent now) and the big game attended by parents and business owners alike. I feel a deep sadness realizing that times change, but I also believe that many traditions should and could be handed down to our younger generation. That is what forms and builds character and pride in small communities and keeps them running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against progress, but I also believe that with that we need to keep some of the old traditions alive. How many of the children in the past ten years have ever built a float or stuffed a napkin? I believe that traditions (new or old) are what keep schools and communities thriving. They are also important in building character and pride in our younger generations. We need these to keep this small community functioning and thriving. Please remember these are my thoughts only, but I’m hoping it will stir up some thoughts and actions.

Good luck Patriots (Bulldogs) in the rest of your season. Thanks for letting me vent.

Kathy (Nussbaum) Royer

1967 Graduate of SHS