Letters to the Editor – Oct. 3

Barrasso Voted for Obamacare, Must Go.
Senator Barrasso talks a good fight against Obamacare, but when it really counted he voted for Obamacare. Senator Barrasso’s demonstrated lack of judgment and lack of conservative backbone in this one vote require his ouster. Wyoming is solidly against Obamacare, and John Barrasso no longer represents Wyoming.
On September 25 the U.S. Senate voted 79-19 for cloture to expedite amendments to next year’s first appropriations bill. John Barrasso stood against Senate conservatives like Ted Cruz, and he voted with Harry Reid in favor of cloture. In doing so, Barrasso voted to give Senate Democrats a green light to allow funding for Obamacare.
Those who follow national politics recall Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster speech in the Senate on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cruz was right to stand against cloture on House Resolution 59. Denying cloture on 59 was the conservative’s best chance to stop funding for Obamacare. Resolution 59 was the House-passed appropriations bill, and it banned funding for Obamacare. If the bill were to have survived unchanged, it would have made a practical stop to Obamacare. Clearly, Resolution 59 was the right bill.
Senator Cruz’s purpose was to usher 59 through the Senate unchanged. Cruz’s approach was simple math- if Republicans in the Senate denied cloture on 59, they would only need 41 votes to stop bad amendments to the Bill. If cloture passed, they would need 51 votes to stop bad amendments. Cruz had it right, that any Senator seriously opposed to Obamacare would vote no to cloture and give conservatives a chance at preserving the original version of Resolution 59.
In the end, Senator Barrasso parted company with Wyoming and gave Obamacare a helpful nudge. Barrasso voted for cloture and against the 19 conservatives in the Senate. I am grateful that Wyoming had one conservative voice, as Senator Michael Enzi held the line and voted with conservatives. To Senator Enzi, thank you! To Senator Barrasso, Wyoming conservatives look forward to helping a conservative into your seat and helping you back into private life.
Mark Ver Burg

Dear Editor,
For quite some time I have been inclined to express my thoughts regarding a few things going on around our fair, county, state. But like most folks life is busy and it’s easy to put off dealing with things that aren’t urgent. That is the reason most of our politicians get elected and stay in office. It’s not easy to stay informed on the issues, and then vote. But one recent action by the state government got me to react because it is not only wrong, but because of the arrogance it displayed.
The tax on beer in our state is low, it hasn’t been raised in a very long time. And just recently the lobby, the influence purchaser’s and peddlers for the folks that sell beer, managed to make sure it stayed lower than any other state in the U.S.! Those same dedicated public servants that passed a gasoline tax in a heartbeat, “For the Public Good” don’t see any reason to raise the beer tax? Now let’s see, absolutely need gas for the truck, I like beer, but can live without it. Which one should the tax be increased on?
This is what happens when the same people get elected over and over again, and you have basically one party ruling the government.  A politician trick when one party is dominate is fake votes, the politician needing relief from the scrutiny of his constituents will vote against something his party is for with the blessing of the party leaders. They count the votes they have from districts where the voters are less  against an action they are taking, so the politician in an active district can say “See I voted like you wanted, it wasn’t my fault the gas tax got hiked”, or whatever the policy is in that is questioned. Politicians don’t care about or answer to the voters when the political machine like we have here is in power. Being a dedicated Democrat or Republican makes this possible, re-electing the same people repeatedly. As it’s good to rotate your canned goods, it is good to rotate your elected officials, and this applies to our county government also. Ask yourself, “Why would someone want to be a politician for life?”
One other issue, to end on a positive note. Last year American Flags appeared on fence posts next to driveways all along my drive to town on Hwy 24 and Hwy 111, a huge number of flags. This year the flags were replaced with new ones. Who is the wonderful patriot, or patriot’s who did this? As a veteran I want to give my thanks for the flag at the end of my driveway, and say what a great thing it is to see.
If only our politicians were so public minded, and humble, maybe there would be relief, fewer and less taxes on things we need, like gasoline, and higher taxes on things we don’t, like beer, motel/hotel rooms.
Dave Craig