Letters to the Editor – Oct. 25

Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in response to the Letter to the Editor (October 18) from Dave Craig regarding the recent electric service issues in the Hulett area. First, I would like to thank Mr. Craig for bringing forth his concerns. As a member-owner of Powder River Energy, your electric cooperative, you should expect high-quality electric service and you have every right to voice your concerns if that is not what you are receiving. While we have discussed Mr. Craig’s concerns with him directly, we would also like to invite other members in the Hulett area that have been impacted by the recent outages to a Town Hall meeting at the Greater Hulett Community Center at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 27, to visit with PRECorp staff members regarding the circumstances causing the outages, and address any questions or concerns you might have.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, competitively-priced electric power and services to our member-owners, while enhancing the quality of life by providing leadership and service in our communities. This statement is taken seriously at PRECorp and we want to ensure the concerns of our member-owners are addressed. Please feel free to call PRECorp Sr. VP of Member Service Dolly Schloredt, at 1-800-442-3630, ext. 4905, if you would like to discuss this issue, but are unable attend the meeting.

Mike Easley, CEO

Powder River Energy Corporation

Dear Editor,

The voters of Pine Haven would benefit greatly by visiting with a member of the Crook County Natural Resource District Board of Supervisors! Mr. Johnson is terribly misinformed. PINE HAVEN in particular should support the CCNRD mil levy. The CCNRD is our local voice that keeps federal agencies, such as the EPA and Department of Environmental Quality, from having free reign with regulations that can have a DIRECT impact on ALL of us as residents in Crook County. There is a TMDL being written right now on the Belle Fourche River that has potential regulatory consequences that will have a direct impact on PINE HAVEN, as well as Moorcroft, Hulett and Sundance. The ONLY local voice that was at the table to keep the information used to create this document from being arbitrary, was the CCNRD. Additionally, CCNRD has secured grants that have been used by local citizens to do best management practices that not only keep them from being regulated, but also reduces water contamination and improves properties.

Let me explain something and maybe it will benefit all voters. The Crook County Natural Resource District IS the Conservation District in Crook County. They are members of the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts which is made up of all 34 Conservation Districts in the State. They pay rent on office space within the USDA service center because they work WITH the NRCS on many projects and provide LOCAL input to state and federal agencies. The CCNRD offers a local voice to state and federal agencies such as the Forest Service, BLM, DEQ, EPA and Bureau of Reclamation on projects within Crook County. They are NOT funded by any of these agencies. This board puts in not only a lot of time and effort, but they also travel a lot of miles to keep up on what is going on to be able to best protect us and our environment.

Do you know that one trip through a fast food drive-up for a meal costs you more than what tax would cost you to support your local Conservation District?! Every member of the Crook County Natural Resource District Board has to pay the tax too so they do not take this request lightly. I would encourage you to change your mind and support the CCNRD by voting for the mill levy and take the time to talk to a board member about what is going on.

A supporter of the CCNRD

Judy Hutchinson