Letters to the Editor – Oct. 13

I received word today that Bruce Hepp, former Mayor and Councilman from Buffalo, passed away. Bruce was a great friend to the City of Sundance. He taught the Council and and me the importance of a legislative agenda and how to be effective in Cheyenne. He fiercely defended our city to the DEQ and spoke on our behalf on many occasions. I learned much from Bruce and will miss him greatly.
Paul Brooks, Mayor

“Nations die of suicide when the citizenry is self-absorbed and apathetic.” –Sheila Leach. I know of one that supports your argument Sheila, and Nazi Germany taught us very well what happens when a minority takes control of a government to exact its own needs.
A lot of your tirade breeds hate and disgust for a certain portion of the population. Granted these are people that look like you, talk like you, and dress like you but one facet of their being is different. For that reason alone you would preach hate, segregation, and lay the sole blame of the destruction of our constitution at their feet. You go on to suggest, that not all Christian churches are not righteous in their faith. I’m guessing you cannot be a Christian and be a homosexual by your standards?
Lastly Sheila, you continuously spouts the word constitution like it’s a holy document. Said document was written by men, the purpose of the document is to prohibit the federal government, including the U.S. military, from infringing upon or interfering with people’s preexisting rights. These preexisting rights are inalienable to us all regardless of race, sex, and creed. What you propose is to take away these rights from a small percentage of Americans. You want the readers of this paper to wake up Sheila? I do too, but I stand against your theory and I know that I’m not alone in this county or this state.
Before this whole letter is pushed off as just a liberal response, let me make it clear that I’m a registered republican that served for 5 years in the US Navy. My stance is to never restrict someone else’s liberty. What would you say if this was your gun rights?
Tyler Lindholm

Editor’s Note: The above letter is in direct response to specific points made by Sheila Leach in her Letter to the Editor published in the September 29, 2011, issue of The Sundance Times.

Where is the 2nd Outrage?
Dear Editor:
It looks as if Upton, WY found an answer to the electrical outrage over the 32% increase by Black Hills Power to just cancel the franchise with them to get their power from another supplier. Every town served by BHP in northeast Wyoming that has had a 32% increase raise for electricity needs to do the same as Upton has done.
Now, where is the 2nd outrage over the $2.21 fee added to our telephone bills so a chosen few that live adjacent to Weston and Crook Counties can have toll-free service among themselves at our expense?
RT Communications has blindsided every phone owner in both counties and are reaping a money “harvest” that very few people realize.
There are approximately 8000 phones in Crook County and 7000 in Weston County. At $2.21 cents per phone this amounts to $15,470 a month extra out of Weston County and $17,680 a month out of Crook County. This means RT Communication is getting $33,150 a month or $397,800 a year total amount from both counties!
Don’t you think we better start looking for another telephone service and get out of this blackmail scheme that RT Communications has led us into out of our own stupidity? At $2.21 a month this adds up to $26.65 a year that all phone owners pay, even though the majority never, ever place an out of county call, and if they do it would never cost this amount.
Let these “land hogs” pay their own phone bills and I’ll pay mine!
Thank you,
Ellis Hemler,
V.P., Citizens for Responsible Government