Letters to the Editor – Oct. 11

It has been a while since I’ve written so here it goes. Kathy and Larry have been regulars at the Minerals, Business and Economic Committee hearings; this committee oversees landfills and solid waste. They have been instrumental in forming the state’s plan to deal with landfill closures. We are in pretty good shape as we meet their criteria having had a professional rate study and implementing its recommendations, making recycling mandatory, and having the fifth and sixth cent tax in place in our county.

In our conversation with the Governor’s office, the 8% reduction in this year’s funding will not be asked of Cities and Counties; however he is not softening on the footnote that doesn’t allow direct distribution money to be used for ongoing operations.

We are getting closer to finding a spot to relocate the Cole water tank that is falling off of the hill. Councilmen Denzin and Palmer have taken a key role in this. We have reviewed sixteen sites at this time and have found only a handful that meet our needs and are affordable from both an engineering and construction standpoint. We will be taking the Cole water tank down soon even though our geologist has stated that the tank is safe now due to the drought conditions.

We are making some change to our consensus grant money. We were originally going to spend money fixing Industrial Road and draining a low spot on 21st Street. This money is going to be diverted to changing some water line on 21st Street because of the water tank placement. The Industrial Road money is being used make up for over runs on the transfer station.

At the time of this letter, we are down to one borrowed ambulance as all the rest are broken down. The newest ambulance in our fleet has a rod out of the motor and will cost approximately $18,000 to fix. The older ambulances are both in the shop with less serious problems. We don’t have enough money in our budget to repair them all so I have asked the County Commissioners to help and they have agreed to provide some relief. We are also being aided by Linda Tokarczyk with Rare Element Resources who is developing a Corporate Sponsorship Program. Hopefully we will have all the ambulances back on the road soon.

We are currently working with Burbach Aquatics to install a manhole at the swimming pool. The purpose of this manhole is to control ground water and prevent the pool liner from failing.

The city has completed its part in the Croell/Wyoming Business Council grant application. The grant is for infrastructure to a shop facility that Croell Redi-Mix is proposing. The city’s obligation was paid by Mr. Croell and only includes extending water, sewer, and streets to his facility. Croell Redi-Mix is responsible for the building, real estate, and all the equipment involved. This project will cost the city nothing and will add $1.5 million in infrastructure to our town.

Paul Brooks Mayor

Dear Editor,

Another election is almost upon us. It does not seem like it was that long ago that the Crook County Commissioners tried to impose another TAX on us to fund the Crook County Natural Resource District! If I remember correctly, WE voted it down! I think that meant NO.

I just recently read in the minutes of a meeting, that they voted to put this on the ballot Again. This time they want to call it a Conservation Tax, AND CCNRD wants us taxpayers to foot the bill for the cost of this to be on the ballot also! (I would still rather stick my hand in bear trap!)

Please do not get me wrong. If this were the only agency we had available, it would be different. In this county alone, we have: C.C. Conservation District, Wyoming Conservation District, NRCS, US Forest Service, USDA, Keyhole State Park, DEQ, & EPA, the BLM and Bureau of Reclamation. It seems to me that almost (if not) all, would have to overlap and duplicate each other many times over. This sure sounds like a want and not a need, and is definitely Bigger government! We should be more worried about the growth of our local and state government than the federal. Once again, here is our chance to say NO again to more taxes and bigger government!

By the way, which party is supposed to be the “Tax and Spend party again?

I don’t know about anyone else; but my paycheck does not go up whenever there is a tax increase, or an optional sales tax, or a mil levy here and a mil levy there, then there is the daily beating we all take at the gas pump and grocery store. We have no more to give.

There is a very simple, quick remedy to the above and almost all of our country’s problems. But everybody (IN BOTH PARTIES) would have to be willing to put Country before party! All we have to do is VOTE EVERY INCUMBENT OUT no matter what their party is! And here in Wyoming, where many races are uncontested or unopposed, just don’t vote for them at all. They still win but might get the message. As George Washington said:

Be an American!

Respectfully yours,

Jeff Johnson

Pine Haven