Letters to the Editor – Nov. 21

The transfer station building is about to be completed. We have put off some of the dirt work needed to put the scale in place until spring. This is because the scale will be located in the main road that we use to go to and from the garbage pits and we don’t want to drive around it all winter. The landfill has been a busy place with the tree limbs from the early October storm and it appears most of them have been picked up. I appreciate the efforts of all of you in the clean-up process.

Once the transfer station is complete we need to find a place for our garbage. I have always wanted to use Moorcroft’s landfill because it is in state and close, but the rules have changed and we have to go to a facility with lined pits and Moorcroft is not currently lined. Our insurance company, LGLP, says they will not cover us in the event of an environmental claim if we use Belle Fourche’s landfill because they are out of state. The Campbell County Commissioners have indicated they do not want our waste and that makes Casper our only option. Kathy and I are working with the DEQ and the Minerals subcommittee to find an affordable solution.

Kathy represented the city at the last Wyoming Water Development Meeting. We received an additional $90,000 in funding for the Cole Water Storage Tank at sixty-six percent from the state and thirty three percent from the city. The original tank cost us about $638,000 and its replacement is going to cost $1.3 million which is hard for me to believe that the cost increased this amount in just four years. Trihydro thinks we should put the water tank and the 21st Street project together in hopes of getting a larger contractor and maybe better prices. We also are trying to figure out how to pay for the reclamation of the previous tank site.

The public works department is busy working on water meter change outs. With the level one study complete and the level two study about to get underway, we have to get our water accountability at a reasonable level. We continue to ask for your cooperation in changing out the water meters and allowing us to get these done in a timely manner.

The Croell project is underway however, they are asking to delay paving until spring because of the weather. We have plenty of time left in the contract so this will not be a problem.

Paul Brooks, Mayor

The Governor of the great state of Wyoming, Matthew H. Mead, has proclaimed that Saturday, December 7, 2013 be designated as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

It is earnestly recommended by the few remaining veterans in Wyoming, of the attack on Sunday, December 7, 1941 that we all honor the more than 2,000 heroes that fell that day at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the more than 1,000 wounded.

It is also requested by that same surviving veterans that all school teachers in this area bring to the children’s attention what happened at Pearl Harbor and that it was the first day of WWII.

For more information about the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, contact Mel Heckman at 307-672-0613.

Melvin M. Heckman

Wyoming State Chairman

Pearl Harbor Survivors

Wyoming Chapter #1