Letters to the Editor – May 17

I would like to highlight the importance of keeping records and personal information safe, and I want to assure the public that your information contained in vehicle registrations and other records continue to be safe.

For those that are confused or have concerns about a recent article, let’s take a look at government fundamentals. The County Clerk has the duty to generate the vehicle title, the clerk sets forth the value (MSRP) and other information on the title. The clerk then transfers that information to the County Treasurer, to collect the tax. This is a good example of separation of duties. The officer that sets the value is not the same officer that collects the tax. Program permissions should be set up in accordance with these fundamentals.

It always seems to help to take a step back and look at the government fundamentals and let them guide you. Most importantly, the elected officials, employees and contractors need to do what is best for the Crook County Taxpayers.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Wood Kuhl, Crook County Treasurer

Dear Editor:

The Crook County Natural Resource District recently hosted a Soil Health Workshop which concentrated on the benefits of no-till practices. We would like your community to know what an enlightening seminar this was. Besides being free to the public (with lunch provided), the most interesting and educational presentations were made. Utilizing our natural resources in the best possible way is very important to us and this workshop encouraged no-till practices which have a domino effect on preserving other natural resources. Your CCNRD is very dedicated and progressive in its thinking and we are grateful they hosted this event.

Bill and Sally Mason

Belle Fourche